26 March 2018

Local Food Old School


  1. This is the kind of farm we are today. We grow most of our own food and farm with horses. People are always very interested in what we do but no one wants to do it themselves or maybe don’t know how they would.

  2. Methinks with the collective challenges of finite petroleum-based resources, the associated (inevitable) failure of industrial agriculture, and the looming economic crisis we might be heading back to this sort of farming by necessity.

  3. Tried two times to ad comment but blogger keeps saying there is an error! I'l bet this one works because it is short and says nothing!

  4. I'll try it. one more time. I really loved the clip because it was the way I lived until I was 17 and went off to see the world. Especially loved the dinner around the tree with what looked like an extended family. We would usually have all kinds of cousins, Aunts and Uncles in attendance
    The haying was a great one too. My Grandpa used to mount me on the off side horse to ,"guide them" up and down the rows. Yeah just like they need me to do that. When they would get to the end of a row, they would keep going straight ahead till the wagon cleared the end to the row and then line up on the next one all by themselves. Finally figured out that being up there on the horses back was where I could cause the least disruption to the whole affair!

    1. I think your grandfather had other motives in mind, too, when he mounted you on that horse. Things he wanted to instill in you.