20 May 2018

Snap-Back Farm Hats
From The 70s And 80s
Are Worth Big Money!

(click the picture to see a larger view)

The screen shot above shows a common John Deere hat from the 1980s that recently sold on Ebay for a whopping $880. 

I remember people wearing that exact hat back then. My father-in-law wore a John Deere hat just like this one...

You'll notice that one sold for only $455. I think he got it free when he bought a JD lawnmower.

It's not just John Deere hats. This relatively plain hat from Henderson, NC, brought $288...

Did you realize these hats are worth so much money? Here's another from a farm association...

$375 for that hat!  These kinds of hats were once ubiquitous. Just about every rural man in every rural community in America wore them. They were often given away for free. Now they are worth hundreds of dollars. Here's another recent top seller...

Who spends eight hundred bucks for a cheap old hat like that?  I don't get it. But I sure do wish I had a few of them to sell!

Just imagine... if we who lived back in the 1970s and 1980s had known those old hats would one day be worth so much money today... well, just imagine. 

I wonder what is commonly available and inexpensive today that will be worth BIG MONEY thirty years from now? 

I'll be 90 in 30 years. I might make it that far. Any suggestions?