08 May 2018

My New House Addition
Part 4
(Forming The Footings)


  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Looking so good! My husband, James, and I are re-roofing a ranch house with metal. I'm removing all the nails in the old metal with hammer and crowbar. Tomorrow we replace with 16 ft. new metal roofing. A lot more to do! The videos are great!

  2. Hi, this is totally off-topic, for which I apologize, but your old email address doesn't work and there is no email address given on your blog page. This is the email I wrote to you that bounced back:

    I am a follower of your blog from way back, and I am really glad you
    have resumed posting!

    I have bought several useful tools from you over the years, and I am
    wondering if you are still making and/or selling your clothespins? I
    really wanted to get some a few years back, but I had just resupplied
    myself with hardware store clothespins and yours were a bit pricey for
    me, so I held off. Now, of course, the store clothespins are all moldy,
    popped apart, broken, etc., and I am ready to invest! So I hope you are
    still offering them, or can point me to someone who is?

    Best wishes to you and your family,

    Ashley in California