09 April 2018

Pound Dog


  1. Looks like a good well behaved dog. I think you made a wise decision going with Marlene's choice. "Happy Wife, Happy Life." as my wife always says.

    The disembodied navigator...How did we ever get by without them?

  2. Looks like you have a very intelligent doggie on your hands. I like her a lot from what you've shared. She knows Marlene picked her, but in time, you two are going to be very bonded!!! Give her a little time to emotionally recover from all she's been through and she'll show her gratitude with undying devotion to you both!!! Blessings to you for rescuing her.

  3. good dog...great choice in collar and dog Marlene !!!!!

  4. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, We're deep in the Trinity Alps on a job site, remodeling. There's no cell service, but there is internet; and I'm glad to see this video. When our youngest child, daughter, was still with us, we let her have a dog--Brodie, the miracle dog. To be around me, he had to be pretty special; a black lab. He had one spot in our house only, which I allowed, next to the woodstove. He didn't bark, was well-mannered from previous neighbor who was the last owner. He used Brodie for hunting. He didn't go to the bathroom around here, but found a place out in the woods. He obeyed constantly. Didn't jump on people, nor lick people. A lovely, lovely dog who lived to be 17 yrs old. Blessings to you and and your lab!

  5. Herrick, the tool you want for your new pup is called a 'Furminator.' They are spendy (and I balked at the price - once) but they are the bomb! The shedding hair goes in moments = plus, they don't scrape the tender skin of your new buddy. Here's a link:


    I'm pretty sure you can get better deals but you will NEVER get a better solution to your shedding problems.

    God bless,


    1. Thanks, Bruce. I mentioned it to Marlene and she told me that someone else told her the same thing. Must be good. She's going to check it out.