21 April 2018

Waiting For Spring

Snow and cold are persisting here. I've been dealing with an annoying cough for two weeks.  but it is waning. Not much new to report. 

If you watched my Clear Dawn Onion Experiment video on YouTube four weeks ago, here's what the onions look like today...

The little peat pots were not providing the growing plants with enough root space, so I filled some toilet paper tubes with potting soil (mixed with a little alfalfa meal) and set the peat pots into the top. They fit just right, and the onion plants perked right up.

It's supposed to warm up next week. I hope to get the onions planted soon. And there is much more to do.... once it warms up!


  1. Hard to believe that you guys are just getting started. My tomatoes have been in the ground for six weeks.

    Its been cool, though. I am hoping the cool weather lasts a while. It is so
    depressing to have the gardens burn up in early june.

    1. Six weeks!
      It will be three or 4 weeks before I plant tomatoes. I hope this week to get onions, lettuce and potatoes in the ground. The weather is finally warming here.

  2. Hi Herrick, After reading your Clear Dawn Experiment I went right to the Hudson Valley seed site and ordered two packs of the seeds, Got them in three days and planted 120 of them in two of my 60 hole seed starter plug trays. Four days ago the first ones popped up, but it was only about 20-25 out of the 120. Not one more has appeared yet, but I am going to wait a few more days and if nothing happens I'll replant them. I had gotten about 150 dormant plants, Patterson, from Johnnys Seed and after two weeks put them in the ground. Well the damned birds, or maybe some odd garden troll, keeps pulling them up and dropping them faster than I can keep planting them again! Was/Am going to use the Clear aDawn as replacements for them.

    Well my root cellar has turned out to be just what I hoped it would be. Not one of the the four groups of spuds down there have sprouted yet! Red Norland's Elba's, Kennebeck's and Yukon Gold. Although the Norlands are trying! I took a bunch of them about two weeks ago. and buried them randomly all over the hill of composted and sifted soil I use in the greenhouse pots. Hopefully I'll have a short fat Christmas tree looking pile of spuds one day if it ever warms up!

    Just built an enclosure around my Six big blueberry plants and covered it with the 3/4" bird netting. Hah! Maybe I'll get some of them this year!

    Got 16 Bell pepper plants in the HT that are about 12-14" tall and doing well. I just have been draping a piece of Agribon 15 over them at night just in case! Also have six San Marzano's of about the same stature. Planted two Tomitillo's in amongst the tomatoes, and am hoping they will work it out among themselves to grow some "salsa berries " that I can just pick and eat, no cutting or comingling on my part needed!

    Kale is coming hard and fast, and the cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli are all at the one foot stage and coming slow though. And believe it or not, I have been busy with my badminton racquet turning those cabbage looper butterflies into dust!! They must hatch out of larvae left in the ground over winter because there have been none flying around outside at all yet!

    Still trying to figure out how to take clear pictures of things with my phone camera
    For some reason a clear and sharp picture of something more than eight to ten feet away, like a panoramic view of the garden is always blurry, and zooming in only makes it worse! I think it is just me, but could be a problem with the camera app. Oh well, don't be holding your breath waiting for some flics to arrive! You'll axphixiate! (SP).

    Today it got up to 53 outdoors and I had to open both end doors of the HT as it got up to 89 in there!

    Talk at you later, Everett

    1. It's discouraging to plant seeds and not have them come up. I had better germination than that with my Clear Dawn seeds. But, as a rule, I don't think the OP seeds come up as reliably and vigorously as the hybrids.

      Your garden is, as usual, way ahead of mine. And a more ambitious endeavor than mine!

      I think you have invented a new garden sport, and given new meaning to dusting for insects in the garden. :-) I think we need a YouTube movie of that. It would probably go viral and have millions of views. But someone would surely find it offensive (murdering butterflies!) and it would be censored. Facebook recently censored Phil Robertson plucking a duck!

      Perhaps your granddaughter can give you a lesson with the camera. The world needs to see your garden.

  3. Just found out you are back to blogging Herrick. I sorely missed the Deliberate Agrarian. Glad you’re back!!

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