26 February 2018

My Uncle Tom
Was A Real Hero

Uncle Tom, after the shootout.

Tom McCrea married my mother's sister, Dorothy. Uncle Tom was a Maine State Trooper. When I was seven years old, Uncle Tom was nearly killed by a crazed gunman on a rampage. I remember my mother telling me about it at the time. 

In my young mind I imagined Uncle Tom had a big smile on his face during the whole shootout, because Uncle Tom always had a big smile. Uncle Tom was a cool guy.

But I never knew all the details, and I never knew the remarkable "rest of the story" until I read this recent newspaper article by Nick McCrea: My Grandfather Won A Shootout, Then Befriended The Man Who Tried To Kill Him

It's the story of a shooting with a great ending.


  1. Okay, good to hear from you again. I had somehow lost track of your blogs, did watch the videos a few times.

    1. Hi Joy,

      Sign up for the e-mail alerts. never lose track again. Thank you.

  2. Great ! Something uninteresting to read whiles in the sometimes dreary days of winter's demise. I have missed your blog ,but enjoy the videos. This was a good story ,real life is never what you'd expect sometimes. Karen Jones