12 March 2018

Missing The
"Follow By Email"

click the screen shot to see a larger view

Several readers are reporting that the "Follow By Email" option for this blog is not showing on their computer. The screen view above shows what I'm seeing on the right hand column of this site. Is that what you are seeing?

One reader has told me that the options are not showing if you have an ad blocker on your computer. If you are not seeing the "Follow By Email" or the "Subscribe To" forms on the sidebar, and you know how to work with your ad blocker, you should be able to disable the ad blocker long enough to sign up for the e-mails.

Are there other ways for a person to sign up for notices of new blog posts?

March 18 Update

Yes, it turns out there is another way you can sign up to receive e-mail notices of new blog posts. All you have to do is click the following...

Subscribe to The Deliberate Agrarian 2.0 by Email


  1. Herrick -

    First, SO GLAD to see you back to blogging, I've missed your written words :)

    I do have Ad Blocker enabled, and it has never caused any problems. However, what I am seeing on your site is 3 separate boxes that say "Follow by email", and below those are 3 separate boxes that say "Subscribe to this Blog".

    Hope that helps you -

    1. I put three of each on the sidebar after making this post. So you are seeing correctly. And you have an ad blocker! The mystery deepens. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I have an ad blocker, using Firefox, and I see 3 of each.

  3. Using Google Chrome on Windows XP and there are 3 "Follow By E-mail" and 2 "Subscribe To" and 1 "Subscribe to this Blog" plus your mug and a Blog Archive. The fonts are a little bigger than in the past, but my eyes are older too so much appreciated. Looks pretty much like what you are seeing on your screen shot.

  4. Okay. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It sounds like there is no real problem with seeing the sign-up options..... for most people.

  5. This is with Adblock Plus enabled - https://ibb.co/exYzKc Follow by email missing
    This is with Adblock Plus disabled - https://ibb.co/g0EZkH

    Firefox on Win 7.

    1. Now I see.
      Apparently, only Adblock Plus, for some unknown reason, is blocking the e-mail setup.
      That's good to know, even if I can't do anything about it. :-(

  6. Hi, just wondering if I'm signed up to get your stuff? This computer stuff just keeps getting more complicated than I like. It keeps circling back to my work email that I don't use. They just want to keep track of me and I'm not in love with that.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Your question has led me to find the list of e-mail subscribers. It's really buried. After numerous clicks I found my way to it. I don't see your e-mail there. But I discovered that they provide code for me to use, and I'm going to paste it here...

      Subscribe to The Deliberate Agrarian 2.0 by Email

      You should be able to click on that and subscribe. Give it a try. I may revise my post above to insert that code if it works.

      Thank you.