02 March 2018

The Curse Of Creativity?

Professor Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist. He has become a YouTube sensation of late for his principled resistance to so-called hate speech laws in Canada.  But his insights go beyond the political. I've listened to many of his thought-provoking videos and, for the most part, I enjoy them.

The video above resonates with me because I'm a creative person. What Peterson says about the difficulties of being creative, and monetizing creativity, is pretty much right on. If you are a creative person, I think you'll identify with what he says.

If you're not a creative person, and wish you were more creative, you may appreciate this discussion too. As Professor Peterson so directly states it: "Don't be thinking that creativity is such a great thing."

Personally, I have managed to monetize my creativity to a small degree, especially with the plan books I've self published. But not every creative idea I've had has been profitable. In fact, I think it's safe to say that most of them have not been profitable. 

So, yes, I can certainly identify with what the good Professor is conveying in this lecture excerpt. I would not, however, go so far as to agree with the title of the video, asserting that creativity is a curse, and I don't think Professor Peterson thinks that either. 

If the YouTube video above does not show for you, here is the link: Jordan Peterson-The Curse of Creativity


  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Wow, he's negative...and calling an invention "stupid" because it is so difficult to make it come to fruition. The Bible says not to focus on the "problem" as this guy calls it, but focus on the promise. God is the Creator with creativity, which He gave to mankind, in His image. He is diverse, and our creativity is diverse. He is right that it's bad for a fruit tree not to produce. Creativity is best to produce in like-kind---more creativity. It's what we're made to do.

  2. I like your thought process on this, Elizabeth.