10 November 2018

I've Started A New Blog!

My wife says that is not a good picture of me. But it projects a message. The narrowed eyes are all about focus and determination. The serious face is, well, it's all about seriousness. Such things are necessary when you start a new blog.

If you have been a long-time reader of my online writings, I know what you're thinking...

Another blog?! What's wrong with this one? Or the one before this? And how come you left the first one anyway— the one that so many people used to read? I never really understood that.

The answer is...

I'm restless. I'm searching for my best social media niche. The Deliberate American seems right at this time. 

Please note that it is The Deliberate American, not Agrarian. 

Don't worry... I'm still a solid and deliberate agrarian. That will never change. And I expect to have some agrarian-themed posts on the new blog. But I'm pivoting to a few things I've mostly avoided in the past.

For example, I will not shy away from political discourse. Political ideology is, after all, a key part of what it means to be an American. A Deliberate American is, in part, an American who embraces and celebrates fundamental right thinking about  "the American Experiment," as embodied in our founding documents.

I plan to post one blog every day. Or maybe a couple. They will be relatively short posts. I invite you to stop on by and sign up to get notified of each new post. Or just stop by daily, as you think about it. Perhaps during your morning cup of coffee. Here's the link: The Deliberate American

P.S. This blog, and my two previous blogs will remain online, as long as Blogger supports them. I have no backup or archive of any of my internet writings. Hopefully, the WayBack machine has been storing them away!

P.P.S. And if I feel the urge to post a long, thoughtful, essay on some subject, I'll probably post it right here, then link to it from the new blog, which will have shorter posts.

Thank you for your understanding. I'll see you at The Deliberate American....


  1. I like it! Your photo and the idea! For some reason, I stopped getting your notifications, so glad to see this and how I can use the Way Back Machine to see old posts. I always enjoyed the stories about your family, your garden, the new dog, your addition on your house (I never saw it completed)... oh gosh, the Way Back Machine just pulled into the station and I'm going to hop on!

    1. Hi Joy,
      Thanks for the comment. I't hard to find the time to write like I once did. The house addition this year has really set me back with a lot of my usual projects and interests.

  2. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Long time, no see, friend! Please let us know you're both in good health and also, how is the addition? We've got the Camp Fire in Paradise in our cross-hairs, from our vantage point up here on Johnson Mountain. My sister-in-law has gone to live with her sister way down south. She's lost her house in Paradise. Praying for her to give her focus to Jesus. She evacuated with her two cats, and two blouses, making the usual 20 minute trip out of town, that stretched to six hours because everyone was leaving Paradise; creeping at a couple miles per hour. Our daughter's expecting her first baby at Christmas. We went to Bend to the baby shower last weekend. We're busy clearing more land to thwart fire danger next summer in hot northern California. Have plenty of work, and will start getting social security the first of the year. God is good; giving us back you and your wonderful example in gardening and blogging. Here's hoping/praying Chas is happy and you and Marlene are abundantly well and prosperous. Just wanted to catch you up on my life, too. Good to hear from you.

    1. Hello Elizabeth,
      You have had an amazing year, with all the fires! It's good to know that you are safe and still in place. Sorry about your sister-in-law's loss. Such a tragedy. They may have to change Paradise to a different name now. Congratulations on the coming new grandchild. All is well here. Life is busy. Thank you.